Refund Policy

Hopefully you will never need to ask for one, but…

Yes, we do offer a refund on request – if that request is submitted within 30 days of the purchase date. Please submit your transaction receipt details along with your request.

However, please keep the following in mind:

1. I only sell a set amount of copies per title, so if you ask for a refund, I cannot sell it again. I don’t just lose the sale – I also lose the opportunity to make another sale. Neither you nor I can prove that your copy is truly out of circulation, so it would damage my credibility if I sell another copy to make up for the sale I lost.

2. I provide samples of the ebook and the banners before you make your choice to purchase – so unless your card was used without your permission, there is no need to request a refund.

If there happens to be a problem with your download, simply contact me, and include your receipt number. I’ll make sure you get the product you paid for ASAP.

3. If you are a “serial refunder”…

(meaning you make a habit of buying and asking refunds, or doing chargebacks)

I will refund you the first time.

The next time I will hand you over to Paypal on the grounds of “buyer abuse”.

And if you happen to escape that round, and try a third time, I will make you famous.

The bottom line is this…

If you really are unhappy with what you buy from me, simply DO NOT buy from me again – whether you asked for a refund or not.

It’s the most logical option.

And if you are a serial refunder…

You may want to move on.

Sorry if any of this sounds harsh, but I have to find a balance between fairness to my customers, and protecting my income.

As a businessperson, I trust you will appreciate that.

All the best.