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Firstly, thanx for visiting.

Secondly, allow me to introduce myself:

Peter Prins – former ghostwriter and ghostblogger. You can read all about my former career as a ghostwriter if you choose to Click Here (will open in a new tab/window – it’s a copy of my original site – I moved it when I started moving away from freelance writing).

Over a period of roughly 8 years, I have written ebooks on a multitude of different topics, most of which were sold on Clickbank by their owners.


Why move from ghostwriting to selling PLR?

Well, I got tired of trading time for money. As a ghostwriter in a country with a weak currency (South Africa), people expect you to be “cheap” (must provide great quality, but costs almost nothing). When I started out, I was writing for 0.6c ((yes, US cents, not 0.6USD) per word…

Now do the math – for a 5,000 word optin freebie I would be paid $30…

For a product of 25K words, I would get $150. The owner would sell the product on Cickbank for $27 per copy.

Through providing quality writing, I was able to work my way up to 3c per word over the years.

But I still only had so much time to trade for money…

And if you have to do your own marketing as well (plus deal with the odd client that screws you over), that isn’t really as much as it seems.

Especially if you kinda suck at selling…:)


Being the owner of Limited PLR allows me to triple my income per hour, while still being able to offer YOU great deals.

It allows me total creative freedom, and my own working schedule.

But most importantly…

It offers me the opportunity to be paid according to the quality of what I put out.

Writing junk will put me out of business. People can buy junk elsewhere for much cheaper.

But knowing what I am capable of putting out…

I am collecting “repeat customers”.

In conclusion:

Now you know the “how” and the “why”.

As far as the “what” is concerned…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but:

It would benefit both of us if the PLR I sell isn’t available to everyone out there, yet it is reasonably priced AND of a great quality.

You would be happy to buy it again, and I would be grateful to have you back.

To YOUR Success

Peter Prins

Owner: Limited PLR Club


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